Somebody, somewhere is depending on you to do what God has called you to do.

-Author unknown

Don’t forget your purpose. Invest in your own health, happiness and wellbeing.  Then watch your cup over flow to share those blessings, love, passion, and purpose, with those that are depending on you to survive, thrive and elevate to your best self.

Happy Wednesday!  

Peace, Blessings and Good Health,


Stand out!!!


Oh how I love a good print and this beautiful dress was perfect for some weekend fun. I love the oversized t-shirt style that makes it perfect for summer. The dress is from bevello a local store here in Greenville I got a few months ago. The dress is by Vero Moda, earrings by Lou Lou boutique also here in Greenville. Shoes by Dolce Vita and I got this cool clutch for $6 dollars from Cato, best bargain ever!!! I mixed and matched the prints and color for a cool detailed affect.

Inspirational Thought of the Day: My yoga instructor is the best. She really motivates me spiritually with her energy and yoga practice. She shared a great inspirational word the other day that haunted my thoughts in the best way.  She said “ you are enough, always have been, nothing you did or said could ever add or subtract from that, you are enough”. Powerful thought to know that God loves us just the way we are. So remember today you are enough. Go on and live your purpose!






Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


Gladiator Goddess👑






Last weekend was all about family and fun! I spent most of the day with my adult niece and my adorable 11 month old nephew Aiden. The three of us headed downtown for a great day in the park and joined the festivities with Artisphere.  Artisphere is an annual festival here in Greenville, SC celebrating the visual, preforming, and culinary arts. It was such a great day and opportunity to experience and celebrate art on so many levels. It was a great day for families as well to enjoy some fun educational opportunities together. For this fun and active day I dressed comfortable with this beautiful shirt-styled dress from Forever 21. The gladiator goddess style sandals by Steve Madden were perfect for walking but also gave the dress an additional detail to complete the look. The earrings are from my new favorite store, Lou Lou boutique. I absolute love the store! There is so much to choose from for that extra eye-catching affect to any look.


Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!




Colorful LOTD!



I absolutely love this look. I love mixing bold bright colors, patterns, and details for a summer perfect look.  Here I paired this cute bell-shaped flared style dress, with this key lime colored Brahmin cross-body, and electric blue beaded tassel styled earrings from Forever 21. The dress by Peach Love Cream from Belk is the dress for any body type to show off a little leg. Mixing these cool colors for this summer will definitely be an eye catcher.

Inspirational Thought: The power of fear is such a strong presence in many of our lives. Lord knows it has had its share of hindrance in my life. I literally hate the feeling of it but we are human and we can’t help but deal with it. Although over the last few years I’ve realized that we can’t change the initial feeling of fear. I actually think it’s normal to feel it, especially in the mist of attempting something new. The problem of that initial feeling of fear is that we allow it to keep us transfixed, complacent, and comfortable in attempting anything better in our lives. Fear of humiliation, failure, or not belonging can keep us from exploring, learning and becoming our best self. What changed my life is when I realized the fear was ok, but my Faith had to be greater. The moment I realized that my life (and yours too) has been spoken over, that yes I (we) have purpose and that every good opportunity presented to me (you) is for me (you) my faith grew a lot stronger. We have to learn to recognize fear and instantly look inside our God selves deep where our spirituality lives and allow the faith that God will take care of us is bigger, better, and stronger than any fear.




Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


Symmetrical it is!

I’m at it again with stripes but symmetrical is the focus. I loved pairing this peek-a-boo off the shoulder dress from Ross with my favorite shoulder purse by Antik Kraft from Marshalls. Also again taking advantage of my oh so comfortable wedges from Charming Charlie.  This dress is so comfortable and can be paired with any type of shoe. I love that it also has the peek-a-boo shoulder, which is very feminine and fun at the same time.  This spring and summer is all about off-the-shoulder or peek-a-boo shoulder looks.











Inspirational Thought of the Day: I heard and read the quote that joy is the most infallible sign of the presences of God numerous times and I find that to be true. People who are always happy to being doing whatever their job is, or always in a good mood are usually well connected people spiritually. At least that’s what I’ve always noticed. They have a since of contentment with who they are and know that their lives are worthy and have purpose.  This unspeakable joy seems to show up in everything that they do and has the power to transform any and everything around them.


Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!




Stripes it is!!! I wore striped patterns all last weekend and it seems to be one of many popular looks this spring and leading into summer. I love the mixing and matching you can do with stripes and other patterns. You can mix them so easily with bigger and bolder prints or even smaller stripes. Vertical stripes also have the ability to make us look smaller, so they look good on any body type. Here I wore a striped dress by Almost Famous from Belk for a whole $15 dollars!!!  I paired it with my favorite wedges from Charming Charlie that added an extra flare with the stripes in the bottom part of the wedge.  The shoulder bag by Antik Kraft that I got at my favorite place for shoulder bags which is Marshalls also helps break up the color pattern and adds a symmetrical version of the stripes to the look. I finished off additional details with a necklace from TJ Maxx and shades by Forever 21. This is such a fun look and stripes are such a great casual look that can be dressed up or down. This look is perfect for a casual-chic kind of day.






Inspirational Thought of the day:  Expect great things from God. If you are anything like me, you say you trust God but then worry yourself about everything even those things you have no control over. Or we get stuck on pass failures, heartbreaks, pain that keeps us in a fog of thought that tells us that there aren’t any good things out there for us. But what I have found is that when I expect the best from God my mind and thoughts are always positive and that’s the way I see the world around me even when the outcome is not what I expect I can still feel good about it. It’s because my perspective is not one of misfortune but more of what can I learn here, what’s the bigger story, or wow thank you God for revealing this to me. When I’m able to think like this I find that I’m much more able to see the smallest blessing in the worst of times. I can think things through clearer and have a better understanding about the things around me.

Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!



2016-04-28 21.03.43 The weather has been awesome lately and all the more reason to get out and get some sunshine. That’s one of the reasons I love this look it reminds me of a fun summer day as we patiently wait on summer.  Shoes by Nine West, jeans are old, and top by Jealous TomatoThought of the day: the sunshine is a vital source of vitamin D and is responsible for bone and muscel health. Also helps prevent mutiple cancers. Sunlight exposure is also a great way to treat depression. 

Style starts with a Happy Soul!