Code Red

Everyone that’s known me for years, knows that I’ve had short hair close to twenty years. I love, love, love, short hair it’s always been easy for me to manage, so I’ve stuck with it. I sometimes trim, style and color my own hair. It helped having an amazing stylist to educate me on my hair type and provide me with easy manageable tips to maintain my look as well. As for my new “Code Red” look, I decided to switched things up a little with the hair and went to coloring my hair a bold ย Red! Also since lately I’ve been experimenting with adding brighter colors to give my short do a little spice I was feeling even more brave. Of course it only cheered me on to wear my red head self proud and loud once I saw the new pics of R&B singer Monica with her red do, and her new upcoming album is called “Code Red”. Since switching it up I’ve got nothing but Rave Reviews!!! I’m excited about that! Take a look below of my color transition to “Code Red”. Please share and give me your thoughts on hair color.

Love, Light & Good Energy



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