Cape Stlye

PhotoGrid_1431390111944 Loved the weekend! Great time celebrating Mother’s Day and all the great women in my life. I started the morning off by going to my home church with my mom, so I pulled out my favorite cape ( it’s my only one LOL!) and created a classy, cool, comfortable look. I wore the cape/jacket early spring with jeans and loved that look as well. Anything versatile has a place in my closet. I also wore my fave perfect, little, white tank-dress under, so as soon as church was over I was able to transition into something more comfortable. Back when I wore the cape/jacket in March for the first time, is when I attended the Women With Net Worth event in Charlotte, and I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Celebrity Stylist, Charity Washington. When meeting her she complimented my look and styled me in like 30 seconds (LOL!), she gave me the idea to mix it up and wear it more as a dress. Thanks Charity, you are so Awesome! Also the Women With Net Worth event was amazing!!! Great networking, more than anything great women encouraging and bonding with each other!


First time I wore the cape/jacket, with Celebrity Stylist, Charity Washington, at the Women With Net Worth event.



What I’m wearing:

Cape/Jacket, Tank Dress and Shades: Forever 21 | Shoes: Calvin Klein (bought from T.J. Maxx $39.99!!! ) Fringe Purse: Ross Bracelet: BCBG (it has blessed on it 😇)

What do you think?

Love, Light & Good Energy


One thought on “Cape Stlye

  1. You are flawless in this classic versatile look. You can go from, business casual to sassy evening just by rocking the cape alone. Both looks are camera ready.


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