Chronicles of the Red Head

Many of you know I recently died my hair a shade of red and I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on it. People love it! Men and women, black and white. Literally strangers have been stopping me just to compliment me.  It makes a girl feel like a million bucks! Since then I’ve experimented with a few different shades of red. Many have inquired about exactly what shade and brand did I use. First let me make this clear, I am not a professional cosmetologist, or professional colorist. I am not professionally trained on any level. This is my experience and what I tried. Please consult with a professional before dying, or lightning your hair, it’s a process. But, I did want to share the brands and shades of reds that I used with you all. I started out with more of a red/orange based color called RED HOT by Clariol’s Jazzing and then I experimented with a more dark brown/reddish based color by Clariol’s Beautiful Collections called CEDAR BROWN, it gave me more of a copper color. Both are semi-permanant colors. Also my hair was already a combination of highlights throughout. Oh and did I mention I do my own hair! I hope this is helpful. Follow me on instagram for more photos of my color: @tippybstyle

Love, Light & Good Energy,

Tip    20150603_185413 IMG_20150528_220026IMG_20150531_210845 CUNPIC_20150418_153312[1]IMG_20150526_202346

2 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Red Head

  1. Hi! I love your hair color. You used two different shades. Did you wash /rinse and dry your hair after the first color then apply the second one? Or did you apply one on top of the other?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi! Yes I did use them one after the other. Then applied them separately when I wanted more red or more copper. Thank you for your interest!!! 😘


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