Weekend Fun

PhotoGrid_1436738792055Last weekend was perfect. Family Food and Fun! I’ve changed to more healthy eating habits, but cheated and the food was so worth it! LOL! This was also a great weekend to dress down and comfortable. I kept cool and relaxed the entire weekend.  I also finally got a chance to try my new metallic temporary tattoos from Claire’s! I’m so addicted now, absolutely love them!


I loved pulling out my favorite jumper from Urban Outfitters it’s so cool and comfortable. I added this cool jean ripped vest from Ross that added additional detail.

I went simple with my next look I pulled out the closet. I so love crop tops this summer and I’ve been into this army green color lately.



Got this cool colorful jumper from Ross. This jumper was literally a steal for $14. Paired it with these comfortable cool shoes from TJ Maxx for $35. I love a good bargain!



Sunday was all about the cool with adding my old ripped jeans with this fab denim vest. They went perfect together. All the more reason to hold on to those old pieces from your closet.



What’s your favorite?

Love, Light, and Good Energy


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