Prints + Fur + Fringe = FAB!!!


I loved creating this outfit! If you are anything like me and have an over obsession with the trend of  leopard print then your closet is full of clothes that you aren’t too sure about this fall. So I decided to take my favorite leopard print dress and update the look by adding some new trendier pieces. The great thing about leopard print is that it pairs well with just about anything or any pattern. Also mixing textures like suede, leather, and fur with patterns and prints are so much fun, stylish and add flare to any outfit. All the details mixed together create such a bold statement and you can look so sophisticated when you add heels, and a little bling to the entire outfit. This look is perfect for the holidays.


This Steve Madden fur vest is the perfect fall/winter layering piece! Add it to a light jacket, sweater or dress an instantly you have a classy, sophisticated look. Fur has the ability to dress anything up an also pairs well with everything. This taupe color is also great because it matches so well with winter whites and bold brights.



The Carlos Santana “Lever” Boots bring even more flare to the outfit! I love them because they are so comfortable and have just enough detail to help you stand out from the crowd. They go with just about anything!

I completed my look by changing my hair color to this beautiful reddish/copper shade that I love!!! It’s bold but subtle, perfect shade for the winter.

 Hope you enjoyed it!!!

 Love, Light, and Good Energy


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