New hair color alert!!!


New hair color alert!!! I’m loving these two new shades of red that I’ve been using! If you have been following me then you know I love trying any shade of red hair. So lately I’ve been experimenting and I love my results! Color Brilliance by ION is the new brand that I’ve been trying in shades Light Burgundy Blond (6RV-6.5) and Dark Copper Blond (6RC-6.5). I color, cut, and style my own hair. But if you are thinking about coloring your hair, please remember to discuss with your stylist before you try any of these brands. Remember the goal is healthy hair!


Here I mixed Light Burgundy Blond (6RV-6.5) and Dark Copper Blond (6RC-6.5).


Here I just used the Dark Copper Blond (6RC-6.5).



Here’s the pixie haircut I just did as well with a little color! All this weekend and I love the pixie!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!



One thought on “New hair color alert!!!

  1. I know this is almost a year later but I’m guessing your hair was pre-lightened or something before, right? I had my hair permanently colored and then I did it again using Ion permanent color about 6 months ago. I’m pretty sure it’s all washed out now and I just have reddish-medium brown mid-shaft to ends where it was lightened.. I’m a big fan of the Ion brand. I’ve also used the demi-permanents before. Anyway…there’s a question here haha: what shade was the hair on top before using the demi-permanent? I like your results.



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