I’m Bringing Winter Back


I’m so ready for it to officially feel like winter! Yes winter has started but it’s been so warm and rainy it totally feels like winter has been postponed. But I received the best gift ever with this white faux fur vest for Christmas and thought it would be perfect with all white as well, and I wanted to share this look with you all as one of my fab winter looks. This is the perfect winter holiday look as we prepare to attend a few New Year’s drop-in parties or any special occasion this winter.


I know some people are a little unsure about wearing all white during the winter, but it’s not fashion unless you are breaking the rules. What I love about this look is that the long sleeved white t-shirt and flare white pants can be worn as one center piece with so many different looks with added layers or outerwear. You can also add any color jacket, shawl, coat, or sweater. Also both are from Forever 21; together they were under $35 dollars! You can also add a little bling to bring out the all-white look.


This is such an easy look to create we all have similar basic items, like the white tee and white pants and if you don’t have anything faux fur,  make it a must have this winter.

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!


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