Baby it’s Cold Outside


Baby it’s cold outside! I told you I was bringing winter back in my last post. LOL! And now finally it feels like winter. What I love about winter and fashion are the additional layers we are able to add to any look and also the accessories. It’s all about the outerwear, everything from scarves, hats, gloves, fur, suede and leather. The most fun is when you are able to mix and match pieces as well. I’ve blogged before about the love of mixing patterns and textures and winter definitely allows you to do that. With the above look I definitely layered up, but for this post I’m only going to focus on the outerwear and next post discuss my layers underneath. This camel colored sweater with fur by bar III (exclusively sold at Macy’s) was the perfect addition to this look. Fur has definitely been a fun but classy trend for the past two winters that help any outfit pop!


To give this oversized sweater a little more flare I added this beautiful belt from Cato’s for $7.00! What a great inexpensive way to dress up the look. The boots are old but I like to use vintage when describing these beauties by Ralph Lauren.


Loved getting dress for this post I felt so classy!  Next post I will share more details on my sweater skirt that I wore underneath.

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!









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