Building the Perfect Winter Look


Winter fashion is all about staying warm, creating layers and looking good all at once. The perfect outerwear is the first addition to completing any fabulous look for the winter. I shared details in my previous post about the outerwear with this look. With this post I wanted to share how I built a complete winter look from outerwear to layers underneath. Also I’ve used blue to highlight some universal tips to creating any great look.

Having a complete look that transitions well can really make a statement and I was able to do this with only a few new items to my closet. Here I paired this beautiful sweater skirt by New York and Company with a cream sweater I already had. I thought it would be more of a cohesive look by tucking the sweater in then adding a belt. Also the simplicity of the sweater allows the detailing of the skirt to be the center of attention.

Adding the belt also creates an hour class shape to the look and presents the look as one, not two different pieces.



The vintage style boots by Ralph Lauren add sophistication to the look. A skinnier heel always dresses up any look and creates versatility to wear this look to many different occasions. This look is great for work-to-dinner, or any special occasion for the winter.

I kept the accessories simple because I didn’t want anything to overpower such a bold look.

The soft camel colored fur sweater by bar III was a great color combination with the cream look underneath. This look creates such a huge fashionable and chic statement with perfect outerwear to complete the look. I share more details about this in my previous post.

I hope all the tips helped and Thanks for checking out the blog!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!





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