Lately I’ve been addicted to the softer nude shades of pink that’s been trending for the last few spring seasons. I love most that it looks great on just about everyone! It also pairs well with about any other color. Here I paired my fringe vest from Forever 21 with my jumpsuit both in the same shade of blush/nude pink.


You all know I love the fringe too! So this was a look I could not wait to wear! The jumpsuit itself was pretty simple and became the center piece of the whole look. It also made a very easy look to style and accessorize. The first part to build and add detail to was the midsection. I did that by adding a beautiful belt by Betsy Johnson from Nordstrom’s Rack.










The shoulder purse from Marshalls, in a slighter brighter shade of the same color gives the look some additional cohesiveness. To break up the overall color I added my taupe string-up-ankle sandals by Dolce Vita.  Later this week I will share two additional looks I built with this jumpsuit also. I love this look and color for the spring!



Hope you enjoy!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!










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