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2016-04-26 22.34.01

Hey ya’ll! I’m such a country girl LOL! Anyway I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t posted on here. Actually I’m always busy at least it seems that way, but I did want to share this look with you all. I love it because this Marshalls $15 dress is the cutest and most comfortable dress for a spring day! I love Marshalls because of bargains like this.Β  The peek-a-boo shoulder on this dress is also so cute, casual, and chic all at the same time. The Nine West tie-up bold stripe wedges are a perfect match to add with the smaller stripes in the dress. These shoes are also comfortable and easy to wear. Mixing and matching smaller prints with bigger bolder prints are a great way to play up a look without looking over done or too busy.Β  The yellow purse that happened to be sitting in my closet from 3 years ago was the perfect shade of yellow to play up the simplicity of the dress. Yellow has definitely been my inspirational color lately. It gives me so much energy and life and it looks good on just about everyone.

Inspirational Thought of the day: Β Live with intent. Be as intentional about loving the people closest to you, accomplishing your goals and loving yourself. One way to do that is to start out with rituals to starting your day. Things like prayer, meditation, and exercise, a cup of green tea or smoothie. These are all things good for the soul, and great ways to start the day. Also pay attention to your vibes are you bringing your circle of friends or coworkers down with your energy and attitude. What about gratitude? Are you thanking God the universe for the small blessings throughout the day? Did you know people who practice gratitude are happier, express more compassion, have stronger immune systems and are overall healthier? Β Living your life with intent on purpose and intentionally is you creating your happiness and living in it. It all starts with intent.

Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


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