Symmetrical it is!

I’m at it again with stripes but symmetrical is the focus. I loved pairing this peek-a-boo off the shoulder dress from Ross with my favorite shoulder purse by Antik Kraft from Marshalls. Also again taking advantage of my oh so comfortable wedges from Charming Charlie.  This dress is so comfortable and can be paired with any type of shoe. I love that it also has the peek-a-boo shoulder, which is very feminine and fun at the same time.  This spring and summer is all about off-the-shoulder or peek-a-boo shoulder looks.











Inspirational Thought of the Day: I heard and read the quote that joy is the most infallible sign of the presences of God numerous times and I find that to be true. People who are always happy to being doing whatever their job is, or always in a good mood are usually well connected people spiritually. At least that’s what I’ve always noticed. They have a since of contentment with who they are and know that their lives are worthy and have purpose.  This unspeakable joy seems to show up in everything that they do and has the power to transform any and everything around them.


Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


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