Colorful LOTD!



I absolutely love this look. I love mixing bold bright colors, patterns, and details for a summer perfect look.  Here I paired this cute bell-shaped flared style dress, with this key lime colored Brahmin cross-body, and electric blue beaded tassel styled earrings from Forever 21. The dress by Peach Love Cream from Belk is the dress for any body type to show off a little leg. Mixing these cool colors for this summer will definitely be an eye catcher.

Inspirational Thought: The power of fear is such a strong presence in many of our lives. Lord knows it has had its share of hindrance in my life. I literally hate the feeling of it but we are human and we can’t help but deal with it. Although over the last few years I’ve realized that we can’t change the initial feeling of fear. I actually think it’s normal to feel it, especially in the mist of attempting something new. The problem of that initial feeling of fear is that we allow it to keep us transfixed, complacent, and comfortable in attempting anything better in our lives. Fear of humiliation, failure, or not belonging can keep us from exploring, learning and becoming our best self. What changed my life is when I realized the fear was ok, but my Faith had to be greater. The moment I realized that my life (and yours too) has been spoken over, that yes I (we) have purpose and that every good opportunity presented to me (you) is for me (you) my faith grew a lot stronger. We have to learn to recognize fear and instantly look inside our God selves deep where our spirituality lives and allow the faith that God will take care of us is bigger, better, and stronger than any fear.




Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


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