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Hey ya’ll! I’m such a country girl LOL! Anyway I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t posted on here. Actually I’m always busy at least it seems that way, but I did want to share this look with you all. I love it because this Marshalls $15 dress is the cutest and most comfortable dress for a spring day! I love Marshalls because of bargains like this.  The peek-a-boo shoulder on this dress is also so cute, casual, and chic all at the same time. The Nine West tie-up bold stripe wedges are a perfect match to add with the smaller stripes in the dress. These shoes are also comfortable and easy to wear. Mixing and matching smaller prints with bigger bolder prints are a great way to play up a look without looking over done or too busy.  The yellow purse that happened to be sitting in my closet from 3 years ago was the perfect shade of yellow to play up the simplicity of the dress. Yellow has definitely been my inspirational color lately. It gives me so much energy and life and it looks good on just about everyone.

Inspirational Thought of the day:  Live with intent. Be as intentional about loving the people closest to you, accomplishing your goals and loving yourself. One way to do that is to start out with rituals to starting your day. Things like prayer, meditation, and exercise, a cup of green tea or smoothie. These are all things good for the soul, and great ways to start the day. Also pay attention to your vibes are you bringing your circle of friends or coworkers down with your energy and attitude. What about gratitude? Are you thanking God the universe for the small blessings throughout the day? Did you know people who practice gratitude are happier, express more compassion, have stronger immune systems and are overall healthier?  Living your life with intent on purpose and intentionally is you creating your happiness and living in it. It all starts with intent.

Wishing you Love, Light and Good Energy!

Style starts with a Happy Soul!


Here are two additional looks I promised I would share with my jumpsuit. I love the versatility of jumpsuits because you can dress them up or down. Here I switched one major layering piece to achieve two entire different looks. You can go from rocker glam to chic glam in just changing the jackets. Like I shared in the previous post, the jumpsuit itself was pretty simple and became the center piece of the whole look. It also made a very easy look to style and accessorize and they are all so versatile and I didn’t have to change anything with the different jackets.  Adding the beautiful belt by Betsy Johnson from Nordstrom’s Rack, the shoulder purse from Marshalls, and string-up-ankle sandals by Dolce Vita are all easy accessories to go from day to night. I also added my Brahmin purse to add a professional day look. The mirror aviator sunnies from Charming Charlie and the hippie style 70s sunnies from Forever 21 both help complete each look.












Thanks for checking out my blog!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!





Lately I’ve been addicted to the softer nude shades of pink that’s been trending for the last few spring seasons. I love most that it looks great on just about everyone! It also pairs well with about any other color. Here I paired my fringe vest from Forever 21 with my jumpsuit both in the same shade of blush/nude pink.


You all know I love the fringe too! So this was a look I could not wait to wear! The jumpsuit itself was pretty simple and became the center piece of the whole look. It also made a very easy look to style and accessorize. The first part to build and add detail to was the midsection. I did that by adding a beautiful belt by Betsy Johnson from Nordstrom’s Rack.










The shoulder purse from Marshalls, in a slighter brighter shade of the same color gives the look some additional cohesiveness. To break up the overall color I added my taupe string-up-ankle sandals by Dolce Vita.  Later this week I will share two additional looks I built with this jumpsuit also. I love this look and color for the spring!



Hope you enjoy!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!












The look I’m sharing this week has a number of my favorite things for the spring. It was so comfortable to wear this look over last weekend with this early perfect spring weather we are having. This look was great to put together but also very simple and it includes a few top trends that we will be seeing this spring. I’ve shared with you all before my love affair with fringe and it’s still strong for this spring. So it was only natural that I fell head over heels for this cute faux suede vest and this shirt-styled dress that I got both for $7 a piece at Belk. Talk about a fab find which is great for any trendy item. Plus this is a two-in-one outfit, you can take off the vest and the dress alone makes a statement!

Also I found this in the juniors section, yes we grown women can still wear some tops and other accessories out of the juniors section. Ok so maybe not the jeans or bottoms, but sometimes just looking around in the juniors section can be a great way to see new trends and incorporate them into your own personal looks. I believe that we often dress 10 years older than what we really are, especially after 30.  Hey that’s a whole other blog post, we’ll touch that later.



My other obsession this spring is cross-body or small shoulder bags/purses. With this look I’m wearing my Brahmin cross-body in their classic shade of pecan. This was a perfect color combination to add with this look. I love Brahmin bags they are so classy and timeless.


I also added on some great accessories as well to give this look a sho nuff 70s feel. The wedge styled sandals from Charming Charlie, these round sunnies from Forever 21 and earrings were the perfect touch.


This was really a great, comfortable, and fun outfit! Hope you enjoyed!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!




Flower Power!


Flower Power for Spring! I know I’m so rushing spring to officially arrive but I just can’t wait! I’m so ready for the flowers, the sunshine and all the beautiful colors that spring inspires.  So since it was pretty warm this weekend I thought I would share a few ideas on floral prints and styles this year for spring. Floral is always a go to for the spring, but this year it’s going to be in overload and I love it! We will see floral prints on everything from bags to shoes and in combinations of lace and stripes.





I mixed a few old things with the new for this spring look. This yellow trench style jacket is my favorite and this shade of yellow is perfect for spring. Of course you need a pair of white pants for the spring because they go with everything.  You can be casual chic, to glam-chic, to rocking them street-style, either way they are perfect for the spring!


The floral print clutch is also an oldie but goodie and it paired well with this look. It’s bold enough to be one center piece to help your look pop or you can combine it with other stand-out accessories.  The shoes are also a bold floral print and that’s why they are my new favorite item in my closet.  These beautiful pumps are by Guess. I love them because they pair perfectly with just about anything. The ear-cuff is from Claire’s and it’s the perfect accessory to keep the look simple but chic.


Hope you are inspired with some new ideas for spring!

Style Starts with a Happy Soul!


The Happy Plan!




Lately I‘ve been exhausted, frustrated, and feeling totally out of shape. So, I decided one day as I was sitting on the couch tired of being tired and super bored, that I would start on my list of things to get motivated for a more spiritually, physically, and mentally happy life. The last few years were definitely all about my spiritual growth and I spent a lot of time focused on finding God within me.  Especially during such a tough time of losing my dad to colon cancer a couple years ago, starting a new job around the same time, and then moving to a new city where I knew no one. It seemed to be what spiritual writer Mastin Kipp refers to as the divine storm. He refers to it as experiencing one of the hardest, emotionally draining times of your life, just to have everything you asked for show up. And that’s exactly what happened. After mourning the loss of my father two months later after he died, because I was too busy trying to be strong for everybody except me. I realized that although in my heart he left to soon, he had given me every tool I needed to survive in this life and in my heart.

The reflection of his love is what makes me carry on, it is what inspires me to live, love, and give more, and that has brought me so much happiness. Although lately I’ve asked myself how do I keep this going, how do I keep myself inspired, motivated to choose happy. Yes, I used the word choose.  Because the lows of life still happen even after the divine storm. Yet, you have to make a conscious decision to choose to live your best life in spite of.  You know what they say don’t let life happen to you, you happen to life and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

So I’ve been thinking let me start a happiness plan! That’s right! Plan for this thing we call happy, and I don’t mean go out and buy a brand new convertible. Sounds nice but I mean to go in a little deeper and pass the materialist things, but a true soul searching happy plan, one that will bring you a bigger sense of self-love and of God.  Here are few things I plan to do more of and I wanted to share with you in hopes that it will help you too!


  1. Get Back to Love Thy Self!

We often think that we should spend our lives in service to others. Although studies have shown women who have a deeper spiritual connection with themselves are much more aware of others around them, and more tuned into their loved ones feelings and emotions.

  1. Spiritual Connections

Whatever your religion is or if you consider yourself to be more spiritual than religious. Remember to create time for meditation focusing on gratitude, love, positivity and self-awareness. Meditation helps me to relieve stress, be more focus and mindful, and creates inner peace.

  1. Following Your Passion

Make time for things you love to do and causes that you are passionate about. So, between being a mom, wife, girlfriend, a good friend, and superwoman schedule time for your art. Rather than just find time here and there. Start making a schedule and stick to it! Doing the same things at the same time everyday keeps me focused.

  1. Get fit!

I recently started hot yoga and let me tell you it’s been hard work, but I’m determine to make 2016 the year of my best body. The more we move the better we feel and we seem to like how we look too. I also feel better, sleep better, and focus better during the day.

  1. Eat Clean

Oh how I love fruits and veggies now! Overall health starts with what we put in our bodies and this has been a real struggle for me but it’s starting to become a really good habit. I feel better, I have more energy, and I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last few weeks!


I hope this brings you good energy and inspiration!

From my heart,